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Created by team PinEx on July 05, 2023

Are you facing a problem and in need of the perfect extension to assist you with your work? Look no further! PinEx is here to provide you with the solution. With PinEx, you can save time and effort by leveraging its AI-powered capabilities. PinEx analyzes the problem you describe and quickly generates a list of Chrome extensions that are a perfect match for your needs. Each extension in the list comes with links to google search result, allowing you to easily explore and install them. PinEx is built using Streamlit, a powerful framework for creating interactive web applications, and utilizes the AI2I J2-light language model. This ensures that PinEx delivers accurate and relevant recommendations based on your requirements. In our future development plans, we aim to enhance the service further by introducing the following features: - Providing logos of the recommended Chrome extensions directly within the chatbot interface. - Allowing users to test out the functionality of the recommended extensions directly within the chat box using API integration. - Automatically detecting the user's browser and tailoring the recommendations accordingly. - Generating direct links to the appropriate extension pages for easy access and installation. With PinEx, you can streamline your workflow and find the perfect Chrome extension that meets your specific needs. Experience the power of PinEx and unlock new possibilities for productivity and efficiency.

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"Great job, team! Pinex is an incredible solution that has the potential to rhelp a lot of people to discover and access Chrome extensions. I'm excited to see how Pinex grows and the new features you'll bring to the platform. Your dedication to simplifying the extension discovery process is commendable, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Keep up the fantastic work!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green