Tourist Guide AI

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Created by team NINJA CODERS on June 30, 2023

Tourist Guide Ai is an AI powered application that takes The names of famous artworks as an input in form of a text and outputs an explanation of the artwork, when it was made and the history behind it. We are looking to add more features to it. The future advancements that we are going to make will be like adding artwork upload features where the user can upload the art that He/She wants to be explained to and turn it into an audio explanation of it. We are also looking forward to adding a video upload from the user and transform it into an audio explanation of the things the algorithm captures in the video. Our mission is to help every tourist to be able to afford a tour guide for a fraction of what they used to pay for tour guides.

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"the idea is amazing, it values time of user. just need to make good presentation to explain problems you are solving, and your solution and.....your demo is great but you need to explain more details if this app is working on tourist in which country they visit, give some photos , tell me how to reach there and how long is going to take...just add some features, so it won;t look like ordinary chatbot"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor