AI21 FusionLabs Plugin for Bubble

Created by team AI21 FusionLabs on July 04, 2023

As the number of aspiring entrepreneurs and platform developers keeps rising, we turn to see alot of them get into nocode seeking innovative and rapid solutions to power their ideas and grow their businesses. Nocode platforms like empower entrepreneurs and developers to create unique web and mobile platforms without having to know coding. The rise of Ai has contributed massively to improving and accelerating businesses with individuals ideas. still, nocoders are still limited with access to advanced AI models that enhance their creation processes, grow their businesses, and solve complex problems. Existing AI solutions are either too expensive or too complicated. To this, we at ANKHARA Studios took a bold step in this hackathon while thinking of our amazing enthusiasts and vibrant Entrepreneurs to carefully craft the "AI21 FusionLabs" plugin that will revolutionize platform development for NoCode builders by leveraging AI21's extensive functionalities to enhance communication, productivity and business growth. Starting with a base, using the TASK Specific API Models to easily integrate AI features such as paraphrasing, grammar correction, text improvement, summarization, contextual answering, and text segmentation into your platforms built on These intro features in the AI21 FusionLabs plugin give immediate access to building solutions that boosts reading and writing skills and make messages stand out. Plugin platform playground link, to see the plugin in ACTION: and "spryneTab" the Chrome extension that Paraphrases your content to make it cooler, which you can access in the documentation. The Future is undoubtfully bright as we will keep improving the plugin and adding extra functionalities such as the robust JURASSIC-2 Foundation models while providing unseen compatibility with other productive AI technologies.

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"Very convenient solution for generating quick responses in different styles. Additional functionality for personalization would be great, for example an additional text box for users to specify 'do not repeat X in text' or 'do not output capital letters' would work well."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student

"Really beautiful presentation, loved every application of it and the perspective its shown with. I do see a little more potential for originality in the product though. But in overall, i like it!"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor