Created by team Kwisatz Haderach on March 03, 2023

Mentat is designed to serve as an AI tutor for personal knowledge management, helping users to organize, connect, and make sense of their notes and ideas. One of the methodologies that Mentat employs is called Zettelkasten, which is a German term that roughly translates to "slip-box" or "card index." Zettelkasten is a note-taking and knowledge management system that was developed by German sociologist Niklas Luhmann. The system involves creating individual notes, or "slips," that are each focused on a single idea or concept. These notes are then linked together using a system of cross-referencing and tagging, allowing users to quickly find related notes and ideas. Mentat incorporates many of the key principles of Zettelkasten into its own methodology, including the emphasis on atomic notes (i.e., notes focused on a single idea or concept), the use of linking and cross-referencing to create connections between ideas, and the importance of creating a flexible, adaptable system that can evolve over time. By incorporating the principles of Zettelkasten into its design, Mentat aims to help users create a more efficient and effective system for managing their knowledge, and to encourage a more creative and insightful approach to thinking and problem-solving.

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