Created by team Bits&Bots on March 03, 2023

We present Bits&Bots, the first (as far as we know) in a new genre of games - the Generative AI Party Game! Generative Image models are astonishing in what they're capable of, but what happens when the initial wonder wears off? What might they be practically used for? We believe one answer is play. Think of all the party games that you grew up playing with family and friends. Pictionary, Charades, etc. We think that combining those games with an AI that can (almost magically!) conjure up the words in your head can make these games 100x more exciting. Bits&Bots is just the first of these games. We have some rough ideas for other games that could be powered by Generative AI and Generative Language models. If we discover that there's an appetite for this type of game, we'll build those too!

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"Highly impressed in terms of innovation. With a couple layers of functionality, I see bestseller potential."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student