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Created by team transcendence on October 19, 2023

Socratic-AI is an innovative open-source chatbot designed to reshape the way we learn and interact. By harnessing the capabilities of Mistral 7B, the chatbot engages users in profound dialogues grounded in the Socratic method. This approach stimulates critical thinking, promotes self-awareness, and deepens understanding. The power of Mistral 7B's Instruct model and some prompt engineering ensures that conversations are not only meaningful but also contextually relevant and instructive. While our platform is built using the robust Next.js framework, it's the seamless integration with Mistral 7B that stands at its core. We've also prioritized user experience, with a clean UI styled using Tailwind CSS, session storage for continuity in conversations, and reliable authentication mechanisms. Dive into a new era of learning with Socratic-AI

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