Netra - AI Enabled Imaging device for MSMEs

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Created by team Unkils on March 07, 2024

How Netra Works Installation: Netra seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure. Data Collection: Netra gathers data over time, learning and adapting to your environment. Netra Edge Analytics (Cloud Platform): Our cloud platform processes the collected data, providing actionable insights. Proof of Concept (POC): We develop a POC to showcase the potential of Netra in your specific use case. Deployment & Testing: Once approved, Netra is deployed with rigorous testing to ensure reliability and accuracy. Continuous Improvement: We continuously refine and enhance Netra's capabilities based on feedback and real-world usage. Netra Edge Analytics Netra Edge Analytics Services Data Collection: Gather data from Netra devices securely and efficiently. Data Pre-processing: Clean, preprocess, and transform raw data for analysis. Data Annotation: Annotate data to train machine learning models effectively. Model Deployment: Deploy trained models onto Netra devices seamlessly. Supported Tasks Netra Functions Where? Manufacturing 🏭 Product Counting: Track inventory levels with precision. 🔍 Defect Detection: Identify flaws in products accurately. 📋 SOP Compliance: Ensure adherence to industry standards seamlessly. Logistics/Transportation 🚚 Worker Safety Monitoring: Ensure the safety of your workforce in real-time. 🛒 Vehicle Stability: Optimize loading operations and prevent accidents. Petrochemicals ⚠️ Accident Prevention: Mitigate risks associated with hazardous chemical handling. Security 🔒 Real-time Alerts: Stay ahead of potential threats with proactive notifications. Retail 🛍️ Customer Behavior Analysis: Gain insights into consumer behavior for informed decision-making. Custom Use Cases 🔧 Tailored Solutions: Adapt to your unique business needs with custom implementations.

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"It is a very nice project but there are many projects solving the same problem"


Emmanuel Olea

Research and Development Lead

"great effort. you better select specific problem to solve it and tackle the pain points instead of making general solution for many problems. be unique"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor

"Great solution but it needs to be more specific. The application could use more deeper implementation of the tools we offer. But nice project overall"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor