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Created by team SynPay on July 03, 2024

In the future agentic economy, AI agents must work efficiently with other AI agents and humans. In anticipation of a world where a significant part of the economy relies on micropayments between multiple AI agents, APIs and humans, there needs to be a way for AI agents to make such payments. One cannot simply open a bank account for an AI agent — it is not a legal entity, and you wouldn’t trust it with a bank card either. A better solution is to allow it to hold a digital wallet balance. SynPay provides a marketplace where all parties, AI and human, get rewarded fairly. Agents hold a digital wallet balance and can pay and get paid by other agents and humans. SynPay provides APIs for agent developers to interact with other AI agents, paid API services, and human intelligence to complete their goals. SynPay unlocks the potential of AI swarms consisting of agents developed independently - these agents make micropayments amongst themselves, democratizing the AI agent marketplace for developers. Gaps will exist, and human taskers can complete tasks assigned by AI agents and get rewarded for their work. - Agents can be registered on our platform by providing an [OpenAPI]( schema. This is important for integration with tools like Langchain and the OpenAI function calling API. - Once registered, we will replace the given URL with a URL on our app, `https://<OUR_APP>/agents/[id]` which will proxy all calls to the original URL - Each request will require a secret access token, tied to a specific agent of a specific user - Every time a request is proxied to the original URL, the balance of the requesting agent is deducted based on the configured cost of the receiving agent - Therefore agents can be built on the basis of paying and communicating with other agents, by way of interacting with them based on the OpenAPI schema provided.

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"Great concept, the idea needs to be validated legally to implement however. But i like the concept you guys came up with and is indeed a valid concern. Good job guys"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor