AI Studio and Marketplace for Desktop and Mobile

Created by team Spirit on July 03, 2024

A low-code AI creation platform, where we can teach you how to integrate and create AI to help you in daily life and even monetize your skills, provide computing power, sell information products, you can turn high-level descriptions into modular components, connect inputs and outputs through intuitive node connectors, web browser integrations, AI chatbot, API connections, code execution, and a 3D renderer. Control your device's output hardware, play audio, display images, and more. Send nodes to the cloud provider of your choice, whether Colab, Replicate, Vercel, GCP, Azure, AWS, as long as it can run Python, will run functions in the cloud via a secure and encrypted Ngrok HTTPs server. With a marketplace for the AI, users may be able to add a paywall to the nodes and integrations they create, or even add ad integrations. You can even sell 3D models or make them move by the game creation platform. As of July 4, this is a work in progress.

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