Created by team alios on July 03, 2024

The project utilizes large language models (LLMs) to create a comprehensive tutoring experience. This system functions as a multifaceted companion for students. * A basic LLM chatbot acts as a virtual study partner, engaging in conversation to answer questions and provide information. * The "Chat with PDF/Website" feature allows students to interact directly with their learning materials. By posing questions about the content, the LLM can analyze the PDF or website and provide answers derived from the information there. * A built-in to-do list helps students stay organized by creating and managing tasks related to their studies. * Finally, a text-to-audio converter transforms written text, such as study notes, into spoken audio. This functionality promotes accessibility and allows for flexible learning, enabling students to study on the go. In essence, this project offers a versatile tutoring tool that can enhance learning through interaction, information access, organization, and diverse study methods.

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