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Created by team SoundsGood on May 31, 2024

DressUp is a revolutionary styling assistant app that helps individuals find the perfect look. Many people feel overwhelmed by fashion choices and want a simple, responsible way to choose their wardrobe. DressUp solves this by considering both individual's physical traits (like skin tone, eye color, and body shape) and social traits (such as desired self-image and how they want to be perceived) to offer personalized style recommendations. How it works: DressUp collects data on an individual's traits, habits, and preferences. Using AI, it generates sketches of potential looks to help the individual visualize their new image. In the future, we plan to integrate with local store inventories to suggest and locate available clothing items for immediate purchase. This unique combination of personalization, convenience, and creativity makes DressUp an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their appearance while staying true to their inner nature.

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"Great presentation. With the right focus you'll have an mvp in no time! Keep it up!"


Nate Rundberg

lablab NEXT

"This is a great idea! I like the user interface of the application. It would be great to for users to see where they can buy these clothes as well."


Mihir Chouhan

lablab NEXT Program Manager