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Created by team Neuralality on June 02, 2024

CareerWise is a cutting-edge platform dedicated to helping individuals discover their perfect career paths by aligning their unique interests and skills. By simply inputting their preferences, strengths, and experiences, users receive tailored career recommendations that fit their profiles. This personalized approach ensures that each suggestion is relevant and suited to the user's aspirations and capabilities, making the journey towards a fulfilling career both efficient and enjoyable. In addition to personalized career recommendations, CareerWise offers access to a virtual mentor powered by GPT-4. This AI mentor provides professional guidance, answers career-related questions, and offers advice on skill development and career progression. Whether users need insights into specific professions or general career advice, the GPT-4 mentor is available to support their journey. With CareerWise, navigating the complexities of career planning becomes a streamlined and supportive experience, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their futures.

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"Great idea. There's so many people who do not know what they wanna do. Some more research on the market would be nice."


Nate Rundberg

lablab NEXT

"This is a good solution to a great problem. There is a choice overload in what career to choose. An interesting feature to this application would be to be able to add users' resume or LinkedIn profile and have that analyzed as well."


Mihir Chouhan

lablab NEXT Program Manager