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Created by team Meta Bots on July 01, 2024

Powered by Agile Loop's Synapse Copilot. Universal Startup kit is designed to eliminate the initial setup hassles for hackathon teams and developers, the Universal Startup Kit streamlines the creation and management of essential resources through an intuitive Streamlit interface. Features: πŸˆβ€β¬› Creates Github Repo πŸ‘Ύ Creates Discord Server for your team πŸ“ Creates Trello Kanban Board to keep track of your tasks and progress πŸ™Œ Adds Collaborators to your Github Repo and Trello Board Under Construction: * πŸ“… Creates Schedule for your team using Google Sheets * 🍹 Slack for your team Users can quickly configure these tools by inputting their API keys once. The Universal Startup Kit not only helps teams start their projects faster but also supports them in maintaining focus on innovation and development tasks right from the onset. Lablab.ai: This product would be highly beneficial to lablab.ai it would allow participants to setup easily and focus more on development, engagement and innovation and benefit the lablab brand. Agile Loop's Synapse Copilot: Besides hackathon participants the project scales to startup for projects in general for small and medium sized tech companies. with an estimated productivity market estimate of 146.62 billion estimated in 2031. Business model: Basic free with github creation + discord server for Individual Developer or small teams participating in Hackathon Premium Plan Include all basic features plus Trello Kanban board integration, Slack channel setup and Google Sheet Configuration Advanced Hackathon teams and Small-Medium Size companies $9.99/Month or $99/Year With its comprehensive feature set, the Universal Startup Kit is poised to become an indispensable asset for any team looking to optimize project setups and foster effective collaboration from day one

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"wow, really genuine project. having a startup kit is very creative way to streamline any project. amazing feature choices. specially if used in our hackathon. great and full use of technology. go make it your startup of the year."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge

"I loved the project, the presentation and the way the project seamlessly even on local host is great however I would like to mention that the video is way over the time limit of 5 mins. Otherwise, great stuff and I am looking forward to the slack integration as soon. :)"


Muhammad Inaamullah

ML Engineer