Summarize your pdf with a speaking avatar

Created by team Zen Mind on July 10, 2023

summarize any pdf text or DOCUMENT with a talking avatar of your choosing ... you choose the document ... you choose the photo that will talk ... you can make it with ai ... I DID ... It is so easy ... It just needs an interface and a way to charge for it .... that is what you hire people to do ... or you spend the time connecting it to the internet yourself and figure out a way to make it useful in the day to day and not just a novelty that people pay for and forget they are paying for, something they really need. I am really having trouble writing more when all the work is pretty much done and I just need to plug in it and act like it's harder to set up than it is and figure out the interface bugs ... lets keep all the code in python and html ... css is cool if the variable are live and easily SVELTE ... :)

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"Cool idea and full marks for creativity! I can see this being useful like audiobooks, but for both personal and professional scenarios, but the business thought process was missing in the presentation. The presentation would have been better if some examples of use cases were included. Understandably, since interface was not working, the demo was shown in notebook, which is fine, but presentation should have included a few points about why this idea, where could it be of use, what value it provides etc."


Chinmay Jog

Machine Learning Engineer

"the idea is great, you just needed to present it in professional way, like ppt or pdf for your problem and solution and many details to show your work, although the idea is not new but you could mix it with other ideas and make original one, just don't give up. it is great that you reached so far. keep it up."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor