AI-Enhanced Resume Reviewer

Created by team YJIJ on July 08, 2023

AI-Enhanced Resume Reviewer" is a sophisticated web platform designed to empower job seekers to present their best self to prospective employers. The system leverages the powerful capabilities of Google Cloud's Document AI to extract data from user-uploaded resumes in PDF format. Post extraction, the application utilizes Vertex AI for an in-depth analysis of the resume content. The analysis focuses primarily on the individual's educational background and work experience but also takes a comprehensive view of the entire document. The application doesn't just analyze, but also provides insightful feedback and actionable suggestions for improvements. This feedback is not generic, but is uniquely tailored to each resume, helping users to effectively refine their resumes, and thus enhancing their job search process. Our project's objective is to streamline the resume improving process and increase the chances of job seekers landing their dream job by making their resume stand out with the help of AI-powered personalized recommendations.

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