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Created by team Tiny Dinos on July 09, 2023

The saurus is a tiny dino, and like that tiny dino this project leverages VertexAI large language models to find similar meaning, The goal of of this project is to present an app that functions as a thesaurus, demonstrates usage of the synonyms in a poem or haiku, and then determines whether or not the word is a real word. Large language models, like the pretrained chat-bison model used in this app, collect words of similar meaning in multidimensional space. This means thesaurus words will, in the best case, find a similar meaning of word; in less ideal cases, find words of similar spelling. Team Tiny Dinos built a streamlit app using vertexai as the api to interface with a large language model. The LLM Thesaursus takes a word, returns 3 thesaurus synonyms, uses those synonyms in a poem, and decides whether or not it thinks it's a made up word.

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