Omori - IT analyst copilot

Created by team Omori on July 09, 2023

OMORI helps to create software business analysis artefacts 2-3 times faster and optimise costs for AI tools with: - Tailored AI Tools: at Omori we search and try new AI tools, integrate and tune them to be specifically usefull for software business analysis tasks. - Unified Framework: OMORI is a framework for BAs that helps to create software analytical artefacts faster and in a the single place with all new AI tools under the hood. This results in a streamlined workflow for business analysts. - Cost and Time Efficiency: Omori optimises costs allowing to pay once and use all AI tools integrated Features of the MVP : - create text from user interviews - generate software requirements specification (SRS) - generate User Stories - generate Use Cases

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Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor