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Created by team GyanAI on July 10, 2023

India is a country of villages and the majority of the kids in the rural areas are deprived of basic communication skills. Past studies have shown that communication skills acquired during your infancy development period leaves a greater impact on your life. Almost 1/5th of India's current adult population suffers from the ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner [Source]. Multiple studies have shown that the roots in the ability to communicate lies in the availability of resources Our goal is to improve English interaction/communication skills for the educationally under-privileged kids in the class group of UKG-5th.. How do we achieve this? - Explain story lines and ask questions and let them ask questions (2 way interaction) between child and AI agent. - Explain story lines: The app will allow the kid to speak the story that is shown on the screen - The AI agent will evaluate the spoken words by the kid and give the score. (ASR) - Based on the score we suggest tasks to the kid to improve the fluency and access his learning capacity. 2 way interaction: Kids can cross question and ask the app to explain the meaning of the words in more explainable way (Options: Story, image) [Conversational AI (ChatGPT/PaLM2), Text to Image (Imagen/DALL.E)] - Conversational AI responses can be made to the level of kids by prompt engineering. - Connecting kids of similar age-groups.

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