Created by team AnythingGPT on July 08, 2023

I create GPT application - AnythingGPT. AnythingGPT can share you anything ideas with your prompt. This GPT application is made with Google Cloud. I use Google Cloud services - Vertex AI Generative AI Studio, Cloud Shell Editor, Cloud Build, Artifact Registry and Cloud Run. Vertex AI Generative AI Studio for the first time tried to use this services, testing with prompt engineering such as temperature, token limit, top-K and top-P and choose PaLM 2 Text-Bison pretrained-model. Cloud Shell Editor for IDE and terminal in Google Cloud. Cloud Build for CI/CD. Artifact Registry for storing Docker images that can be integrated with Cloud Run. Cloud Run for deploying Docker image to application. This GPT application also uses Streamlit for Python code such as front end and back end.

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