Simplify Docs

Created by team Access to Justice on July 10, 2023

Simplify Docs simplifies complex documents for those who struggle to read, the elderly, and those from a non-English speaking background where letters are still sent by Government departments, utility companies, and others. Simplify Docs accepts a document via upload or as a photo and then explains the document using simple easy-to-action language. Inspired by my watching my parents explain complex letters from our Department of Veteran Affairs to my grandparents and the knowledge that there are thousands of others like my grandparents who are sent letters or other documents without that help. Aiming to reduce the knowledge barrier using the power of Google's Large Language Models.

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"Simplify Docs is a valuable service that helps individuals overcome the challenges of understanding complex documents, ultimately empowering them to navigate important information with ease. Since auto summarization is not a totally new idea, improving the accuracy and precision of document interpretation is the key. Large Language Models are powerful tools, and they may require fine-tuning and training with domain-specific data to ensure accurate simplification of complex language found in official documents for its use case. Another part worth noting is the privacy and data security to commercialize this product, especially Simplify Docs is used to summarize government documents."


Luming Yang

Product Strategist