Created by team TechTitans on December 22, 2023

Imagine a friendly chatbot designed to keep you safe, like yourdigital guardian. This chatbot is powered by Gemini AI, makingit super smart and quick to understand your needs. Gemini AIhelps the chatbot learn and adapt to your preferences, makingthe interaction feel more natural. Now, add an extra layer ofsecurity with TruLens. It's like putting on a safety filter for yourconversations. TruLens enhances the chatbot's ability to identifyand handle sensitive information, ensuring that your personaldetails stay secure. So, whether you're chatting about your dayor seeking assistance, this dynamic duo of Gemini AI andTruLens makes your experience both intelligent and safe. Our tech tutor has achieved remarkable success by tailoring personalizedlearning experiences, fostering hands-on practice, conducting accessibleQ&A sessions, curating a customized curriculum, and emphasizing real-worldapplications, ensuring practical understanding and skill development foroptimal student growth. Our tech tutor is your personalized learning companion, guiding youthrough hands-on exercises and answering your questions inaccessible Q&A sessions. The curriculum is tailored to your goals,ensuring practical relevance, and the tutor enhances understandingby connecting theoretical concepts to real-world applications.

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"good project. the idea is not new but you managed to use new technology in it. your demo is not available to try. your presentation is excellent. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor