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Created by team Llermaly on December 17, 2023

Video tutorial: Key Features: Multi-Format Analysis: ContentCompass is adept at analyzing a wide range of content formats, including text, and video. Whether you're crafting a blog post, recording a podcast, or producing a video, our AI-driven tool scrutinizes every element against a comprehensive set of standards. Customizable Guidelines: Tailor the evaluation criteria to suit your specific needs. From aligning with the latest trends to adhering to a unique style, ContentCompass allows you to set the parameters that define your content's excellence. Intelligent Scoring System: Our application doesn't just evaluate; it quantifies. Receive a definitive score that reflects how well your content aligns with the chosen guidelines, providing a clear measure of its quality and relevance. Insightful Feedback: Beyond scoring, ContentCompass offers actionable feedback. Learn where your content excels and where it can improve, enabling a targeted approach to content refinement. TruLens Integration: In partnership with TruLens, ContentCompass ensures that all recommendations are grounded, relevant, truthful, and harmless. This commitment to integrity means you can trust the guidance provided by our tool. How it works? Step 1: Input Guidelines Start by inputting your content guidelines, either as text or by providing a YouTube video. Our system extracts key elements to use as a benchmark. Step 2: Analyze Your Content Upload your content, and Content Compass will perform a comprehensive analysis, comparing your video and its transcript against the set guidelines. Step 3: Receive Insightful Feedback Get detailed feedback and scores, highlighting how your content aligns with the guidelines. Understand the areas of excellence and those needing improvement.

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"Exciting video, innovative use case and great use of technology to build something new! 10/10!"


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"it is great project with very high business value. your presentation lacks demo video of how this works and what is output like, and how to try all features here. keep working on showing the beauty of your work. good luck"


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