Gemini Maze

Created by team Gemini Maze on December 22, 2023

A Gemini AI based text adventure game with AI generated visual effects. The game, based on popular tabletop Dungeon and Dragons (5th Edition), has the player will walk through a maze and story, created by Gemini AI. The player starts with a basic sword and shield, then sent off while Gemini AI procedurally generates their path. Utilizing processes like chat history buffering in the back-end, the story seems to never end. Players interact with the game by chat dialogue instead of typical controller, like those old school text adventures. Gemini AI, along with the text of the story, also does world building through generated image prompts. These images created by using stable diffusion XL 1.0 bring the player on unique procedurally generated adventures.

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"it is very impressive project. it caught my curiosity to play it to the end and see where it goes. the idea is brilliant, it has very high business value as it will catch curiosity of players to use it and engage with it. your presentation is excellent. use of technology is very well implemented but; you didn't use trulens for this hackathon. it might affect your score. great job"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor