Place2Joy AI

Created by team GAMAN on December 17, 2023

Place2Joy AI is a Social Commerce App which enabling you to find business places and matching those places with your needs and activities. We have two main features, which are: (Feature 1) Business Places + Reviews & Photos (Feature 2) Searching for Opportunities. In Feature 1, our AI will be assisting you to search for your desired public or business places and matching those places with your planned activities. Let say you wanna do painting, eating, hanging out, looking for job, or other activities, then our AI will be looking for the proper and right places to meet your planned activities. You will also find many photos and business reviews related to your search. In feature 2, our AI will be facilitating you to look for all opportunities which exist in particular places. For instance, you eager to invest in a steak restaurant in Dallas Texas, but still no have enough information. Luckily, in Feature 2, you are able to search for any investment information regarding to restaurant investment here. In near future, we will be expanding Place2Joy to be able to promote small medium enterprises or startups to endorse their products and services.

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"Really low-latency LLM app and useful application of the tech. Good use of evaluations as well to validate the capabilities of the app. The application could be improved if it was made to be more intuitive and responsive to a wider set of user questions. I did like however that it said very clearly when it did not understand the question, rather than hallucinating. Nicely done!"


Josh Reini


"great idea, but the chatbot did not have all the answers needed. but it is nice as demo to try at 1st. it will have very high business value."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor