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Created by team FutureTech Mavericks on December 22, 2023

Zentide offers a gateway to self-actualization through harmonizing your inner consciousness with the cosmic dynamics that influence us all. Combining a foundation of mindful zen practices for presence with an overlay of your unique bio-rhythms and external cycles, Zentide provides tailored daily guidance to help you achieve inner peace and outward purpose. At Zentide's core sits an integrative framework powering personalized recommendations and insights generated from our proprietary fusion of neural networks, genetic algorithms, chronobiology research and ancient philosophies. The result? A pioneering path to discover your highest self – designed just for you each day by bridging cutting-edge AI capabilities with timeless intuitive wisdom. Zentide invites you on a beautiful journey of understanding your consciousness through the interplay of modern and ancient knowledge streams. Our intelligent platform nurtures self-growth and actualization within the greater context of natural rhythms all around and within us. Join us to elevate your self-awareness and harmonize each moment via the synergy of science and mysticism converging just for you in Zentide.

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"good project. great idea. good implementation of technology. but this app didn't show what are the benefits of it, how the output is tailored for everyone according to his data. continue working on it and good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor