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Created by team The Codestars on July 30, 2023

"The Voich" is a cutting-edge technology aiming at making book-reading and story telling easier . Now , you can hear a book while you work , play or just relax on your couch. With the power of Eleven Labs API , its now tremendously easy to listen to a book , ensuring that the speech is not robotic. This technology can be a favorite tool for audience of all age groups as you just have to upload a book that's all! The programming language used to build this project is Python and Streamlit library in particular.One of the main advantages of Streamlit is its ease of use. It provides a simple API that enables users to create intuitive and interactive applications with just a few lines of code. This makes it an ideal tool for small data apps or for prototyping larger apps. Streamlit also comes with a range of pre-built components, such as charts and widgets, that can be easily customized to suit your needs. This makes it easy to add functionality to your app without having to write complex code from scratch. I like how straightforward it is to not only build a basic data app for your own analyses but also the streamlined (pun intended) deployment process for getting it in the view of your team or a wider audience. There is also an expanding library of additional third-party components which allows for further extending the features of Streamlit. For example, the “Annotated Text” component is a great addition to an NLP app, whilst being able to use Folium is ideal if you are looking to do geospatial analysis. Eleven Labs API is a cutting-edge solution that enables the generation of high-quality voice overs through artificial intelligence. By leveraging powerful machine learning models, the API can convert text into natural-sounding speech. The technology behind Eleven Labs API ensures that the generated voice overs are clear, expressive, and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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