Created by team Robot Forge on July 30, 2023

Casper is a robot in the RobotForge arsenal that enable auto dubbing of audio and video content from one language to another, With the help of ElevenLabs API we are able to offer our output in the speakers own voice. Other technologies used included Microsoft Cognitive services for Speech to text and Google translate. The purpose of this was to make content universal regarding what language you speak. As more people access the internet they will need to have content ready for them in their language. This helps them achieve that. They are no longer siloed to content in their own language but can get relevant information from any where regardless of the source language. English dominates the internet in audio and video content and this can be a barrier for non English speakers especially speakers of regional indigenous languages such as Zulu, Hoikken and even Klingon and Navi. Use case for Casper cuts across industry but there is great benefit in the Entertainment, Educational and Marketing industries

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