Created by team rlhf against machine on July 31, 2023

AI-powered service that generates personalized, multimedia messages for your brand’s customers directly via WhatsApp. Images/Videos we have it all covered under one roof. Users can choose from predefined template use cases by simply sending messages to the chatbot. From cart-abandonment to product recommendations to personalised discounts, explore multiple use-cases for all parts of your sales funnel Enabling local influencers to monetise without hassle. Gone are the days of writing a script, recording yourself over and over again till you find the perfect video. Text-based querying system to excel/digital customer ledgers/CDP to segment relevant cohorts CMS based on the ONDC protocols to unify customer data from multiple buyer side apps for seamless generation and deployment

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"this idea is fantastic with high business value, we just need to try it and see where it takes us. mixing ideas together will help to raise its value and make high market revenue. keep working on it. it worth perusing. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor