Paper Pods

Created by team Pipedpapers on July 31, 2023

Many researchers are tasked to go through mounds of research papers in their day-to-day work. We thought wouldn't be cool if they could ingest some of those papers on the go. On the other side, podcasting editing takes hours to produce the content. Our project allows you to search through the entire database and convert any research paper into a podcast-style dialogue between two or more people. Right now, the papers will convert to a podcast starring Ed and Kyle. Later on, we would like to enable someone to pass along their eleven lab API keys to choose and clone any voice they want. The project was built using Claude 2, Eleven Labs, Next.Js, Fast Api, Redis, and LLamaHub.

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"Great idea and the demo works really well in the presentation. The idea you guys have is really well rounded off and takes the guesswork off of finding the right papers since its already search able from your search bar. But I couldn't find the github repo for the code though and I tried running one of the papers and it didn't generate the audio fully. But the cloning voice technology works pretty."


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor