Created by team MythBustersAI on July 31, 2023

Introducing "MythBustersAI" - Your guardian against misinformation during presidential debates! In a world where myths and falsehoods abound, "MythBustersAI" is the ultimate real-time fact-checking tool you can rely on. Our cutting-edge AI technology works tirelessly to debunk claims made by candidates, instantly cross-referencing them with credible sources and historical data. With "MythBustersAI," you can confidently separate fact from fiction. Our user-friendly interface provides quick and accurate fact-check results, offering transparency and clarity on each statement made during the debate. Say goodbye to confusion and deceit - our tool ensures you have access to verified and objective information right when you need it.

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"Remarkable problem-solving skills! I like this focus on using AI to debunk myths and you're solving an important issue. For further improvement, I would like to see how you can convince people to pay for your product and how you can differentiate from other AI platforms by leveraging technology. Keep going!"


Iris Guo

"• Your project is very innovative and timely, as it tackles the problem of misinformation during presidential debates. Your tool can help users distinguish between facts and myths, and access reliable and objective information, with an advanced technology that helps perform real-time fact-checking with high accuracy and speed. Your tool can cross-reference statements with various sources and data, and provide clear and concise results to the user. • A suggestion for improvement is to add a feature that allows users to rate the fact-check results and provide feedback. This can help you improve your tool’s accuracy and user satisfaction. Blessup on your excellent work and wish you all the best for the hackathon."


Ndim Donald

NoCode Entrepreneur