Edict AI - Automated News Video Generation

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Created by team edict ai on July 31, 2023

We have developed a web application automates the process of converting news articles into videos. Our system follows a multi-step process that involves web scraping techniques to extract news articles from relevant sources, authenticate them using fact-checking and source verification, search for relevant images using a combination of keywords and image recognition software, generate a script for the video based on the content of the news article and selected images, produce audio for the video using text-to-speech models, map each image to its corresponding section in the script, produce the video by combining all elements into a cohesive format, generate a thumbnail image for it based on its content, and use sentiment analysis to analyze the tone and mood of the news article. Our platform is tailor-made for news outlets and individual journalists who want to effortlessly transform their written articles into visually stunning video content. By facilitating the creation and dissemination of engaging and informative news videos, our platform promotes unbiased and diverse journalism, enabling news outlets and journalists to reach a wider audience.

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"Very cool idea - and a potential gold mine if done right. It is a very early stage concept so would be great to get a working demo of any of the parts that were showcased. Nonetheless super great work and keep it up!"


Alek Jankowski

Operations and Partner Manager