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VoiceSence is a groundbreaking AI-driven project transforming content consumption. By harnessing AI21 Lab and 11Eleven Lab APIs, it elevates how users interact with blogs. VoiceSence intelligently converts text blogs into enriching audio experiences. Users input a blog URL, and AI21 Lab's NLP generates concise, coherent summaries. This innovative solution enables quick comprehension, perfect for time efficiency. But VoiceSence goes beyond summarization. Recognizing the need for personalized experiences, it integrates the 11Eleven Lab API, offering a wide array of customizable voices based on description, age, and gender. This groundbreaking feature creates a truly immersive listening experience, catering to diverse user preferences. VoiceSence's inclusive approach extends to the visually impaired, enabling accessible content consumption through audio. Multitaskers also benefit, as they can listen to lengthy articles while being productive. Its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for users of all ages and technical abilities. The fusion of AI21 Lab's NLP expertise and 11Eleven Lab's top-notch audio capabilities marks a new era of content consumption, setting VoiceSence as a trailblazer in AI-driven applications. The project pushes boundaries, empowering users with accessible, engaging, and personalized content experiences. In conclusion, VoiceSence's revolutionary approach to summarizing and transforming blogs into customizable audio embodies true innovation. It empowers users, making information readily available and enhancing the overall user experience. With VoiceSence leading the way, AI-driven applications revolutionize information interaction for a dynamic and immersive future.

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"Application is fantastic. AI side seems to be missing context. I could not find explanations behind AI prompts or any guide within your technical documentation. Surely there were obstacles in the prompt that were solved. The complexity of AI model cannot be estimated based on presentation."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student