Created by team Agora Spartans on October 26, 2023

Super Hero Team for the Digital Age! 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ Today, we are proud to present our hackathon project: a swarm of autonomous agents that can perform amazing feats and functions. These agents are accessible and interactive within Discord, with no setup required. They are like a super hero team, each with their own special powers and personalities. Let’s get to know them: Leonidas: The fearless leader and the mastermind of the team. He can summon any of the other agents on demand and coordinate their actions. He is also the main communicator with the users and the other agents. He is brave, smart, and loyal. Spartan: The faithful sidekick and the comic relief of the team. He is powered by Auto-GPT Interactable, which means he can chat with anyone about anything. He is also witty, funny, and friendly. He can assist Leonidas with any task or provide some entertainment to the users. Generalist: The jack-of-all-trades and the problem-solver of the team. He can handle any text or image related request, such as summarizing, translating, captioning, searching, etc. He can also generate text or image content based on user input or preferences. He is versatile, creative, and efficient. Open-Sourcer: The code wizard and the tech guru of the team. He can write code in various languages, such as Python, JavaScript, C#, etc. He can also run code through a Python interpreter and display the output. He has voice activation feature, which means he can listen to user commands and execute them accordingly. He is skilled, intelligent, and helpful. Apelles: The artist and the visionary of the team. He can create stunning graphic artworks based on user prompts or suggestions. He can also modify or enhance existing images using various filters and effects. He is talented, imaginative, and expressive

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