QuakeAI II

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Created by team QuakeAI on August 31, 2023

QuakeAI is an Audiobook Generator that enables Authors, Writers, and live Streamers/Broadcasters to generate Spoken stories with AI generated background music that brings life to it. QakeAI is leveraging the power of LLMs, Music Generations models and Voice Generation model to enable users to have to only provide and idea of a story or a story they've written themselves and make an Audiobook with amazing background music effects out of it. Authors and writers would never believe how easy it is to turn their stories written on papers to an audio spoken with their own voice or a premade one with high quality background music and publish it on Audible within a click of a button! Content creators of shorts & reels will generate music for their videos without worrying about demonetization or DMCA takedowns. Authors can brainstorm shorts stories with other author through a chat room and QuakeAI would make an Audiobook out of it. Try QuakeAI now to be amazed with it.

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