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Created by team The Irrelevant Elephant on June 04, 2023

AI-powered Personal Tutor: Vocava leverages state-of-the-art Large Language Models to act as a personalized language tutor. This AI can adjust its teaching strategy according to user's fluency and interests, making each learning session tailored and efficient. - Immersive Learning: Unlike traditional language apps that focus on vocabulary and grammar, Vocava focuses on creating immersive, context-based learning experiences. This mimics how people naturally acquire languages, making learning more intuitive and enjoyable. - Language Translation and Conversation Practice: Vocava offers a translation module with added features like part-of-speech tagging and explanations. Moreover, users can engage in conversation with the AI tutor in the Chatterbox module, practicing their speaking and listening skills. - Storytelling and Reading Comprehension: The Storytime module presents learners with stories in their target language and offers comprehension questions, reinforcing understanding in an entertaining way. - Culture Corner: Vocava goes beyond language learning, offering insights into the culture and traditions of different regions. This helps users understand the context of the language and adds richness to the learning experience. - Learning Through Games: Vocava's Arcade module presents a series of games that teach language in a fun and engaging manner. From Pictionary and MadLibs to Jeopardy, learning becomes a delightful activity rather than a tedious chore. - Dynamic Vocabulary Learning: The Playground module allows learners to generate new vocabulary and phrases, save known phrases, and review them. All these phrases are embedded in a vector database for future reference. - Analytics Dashboard: Vocava offers a comprehensive dashboard to track learner's progress over time, making it easy to see improvements and identify areas for focus. - Newsfeed: Users can access real-time content in their target language, practicing their skills with actual, relevant information.

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"Good Job! Looks like an excellent tool for language learners"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"I would definitely use this! Would be cool to see a mobile version of Vocava."


Mihir Chouhan

lablab NEXT Program Manager

"Looks like a fun learning tool :) I really like the variety of ways to use it/learn. Love seeing people striving towards Using AI to make learning processes better and more optimised! Keep it up! "


Nate Rundberg

lablab NEXT

"The team did an amazing job with this product! I'm really impressed with how they compiled information and provided data to track progress in the learning process. Vocava looks like a cool resource to learn languages or simply chat with someone without language barriers. Can't wait to see what else you have in store. Good luck with everything!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green