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Created by team tbd on June 03, 2023

Stori is an AI-driven game design software platform aiming to revolutionize the way video games are created. Designed to ease the process of game development, Stori helps developers, both professional and hobbyist, in building lore-consistent characters, places, events, missions, and more. The tool simplifies the intricate process of world-building in game development by leveraging artificial intelligence and vector databases. It not only reduces the time and cost associated with creating a game's world but also maintains the creative control in the hands of the developers. Its collaborative features further make it a powerful tool for large gaming companies and independent developers alike. As Stori grows, it plans to expand its capabilities, including an engagement layer and a lore marketplace, fostering a more interactive and dynamic game design community. With the potential to democratize game design, Stori aims to transform the gaming industry, making game creation more accessible, affordable, and fun.

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"I like the idea of simplifying the world-building process, making it more accessible and affordable"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Great product! The gaming industry is always in search of solutions that can enhance their productivity, and your product seems to be an excellent resource for them. I'm excited to witness the progress of your work. Best of luck!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green

"I really like this Idea and I also see other potential in it, etc. to use as a co writer for authors. "


Nate Rundberg

lablab NEXT