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Created by team Tale Protocol on June 04, 2023

An AI-powered story generator that combines biodiversity data and animal behavior science research to create engaging narratives about wildlife. The goal is to produce engaging and educational narratives that can raise awareness of biodiversity issues and inspire conservation efforts. The system uses LLM to generate stories from supplied data sources. It integrates data from biodiversity monitoring of animals in Upemba National Park, scientific research on animal behavior, and examples of wildlife stories for different audience levels. After initial training, the AI agent can generate customized narratives for specific purposes. There are three main settings: Kids Tale: The AI tells simple stories suitable for children to teach basic biodiversity concepts in an entertaining way. (Outside scope of MVP) Main Tale: It's aimed at the general public and focused on impact, highlighting the importance of wildlife, our dependence and the human impact on it. The stories have an educational element while remaining engaging and are oriented towards a CTA. Research Tale: It’s aimed at a technical public, the AI analyzes the combined data to produce insights that can assist park managers, biologists and researchers with biomonitoring efforts and conservation strategies. (Outside scope of MVP) The narratives generated can be the perfect substrate to develop other projects, some examples: Communication Campaigns for Social Media - Main tale Gaming Assets - Main tale. Ex 1. Kids books/games - Kids tale Biomonitoring support - Research Rale

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