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Created by team Reluvape on April 28, 2023

Our intelligent AI-powered assistant is packaged in a chrome extension that helps listen to specific tabs you want it to listen to. It uses speech-to-text technology to get the transcript from any tab you want that plays audio and it provides a summary of what has been said, it can also segment and answer any questions you have with context of the transcript. Let's say you are watching a youtube video on quantum physics but you do not understand certain stuff or you missed out some points, you can use our technology to summarize whatever has been said in the youtube video to enable you to understand what has been taught in the youtube video without replaying it again. If you have any questions on the quantum physics video, you can ask the AI and it will answer based on the context of whatever has been said in the video. This can be used for meetings incase you have to go do something else like go use the washroom or if you missed out on some points. Perhaps if you are assigned the role of taking down the meeting minutes of your meeting, you can also use our technology to summarize or segment whatever has been discussed during the meeting and the AI will help you with creating the meeting minutes of the meeting more effectively and conveniently.

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"Wow! I would love to use it myself, that is super useful 🤩 "


Liza Marchuk