Created by team SEEKER on April 07, 2023

As we all know, YouTube is a platform that hosts millions of videos covering a wide range of topics and interests. However, one of the biggest barriers to accessing YouTube content is language. Not everyone is comfortable watching videos in a language that is not their own, which can lead to a feeling of exclusion and limit their ability to enjoy the vast range of content available on the platform. MULADIO is designed to address this issue by providing a platform that enables users to watch YouTube videos in their preferred language. By leveraging the power of Python Django, MULADIO makes it easy for users to transcribe and translate the audio of any YouTube video into the language of their choice. This innovative web application seeks to increase the accessibility of YouTube content by removing the language barrier, allowing users to enjoy videos from around the world in their native language. With MULADIO, content creators can expand their reach to a global audience, and users can discover new and exciting content without worrying about language barriers.

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