Search Engine Powered AI Agent and more

Created by team AnthroidAI on April 17, 2024

Code: Using to host the LLM serverless, Vectara for querying the documents, LLamaIndex for text embeddings (or LLM), and cleaning and translating the HTML or maybe even formatting the prompts. Uses Google Search API or Azure Bing Search service API to query the search engine, returns links, and sends to Vectara for indexing and querying, (perhaps more options in the future). For now, it uses only Vectara but will implement the LLamaindex soon. Shall also use the Meta's Graph API to gather posts, not only from search engines but social media apps like Facebook for the latest news about a topic using its query engine and more content not only from websites but from actual people in real-time. (WIP) It is also capable of choosing, retrieving code, and running code. With a built-in Python interpreter; the exec() function, that can also run other languages via bindings like jnius (Java), Cython/CPython (C/C++), C# DLLs, and whatever binding in the Python library there is. Even OpenGL for 3D rendering for true multimodality, OpenCV for RTSP streaming, image processing, and computer vision, matplotlib for mathematical visualizations, or even a custom web browser like Chrome and Edge that can also run JS evaluate to execute JS code for websites. A cross-platform native app, that in the future should be able to run on most operating systems, not only on PC but also for mobile phones like Android and Ios.

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