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Created by team AI Makerspace on April 18, 2024

Introducing Job Makerspace, an innovative B2C job matching platform at the forefront of recruitment evolution, utilizing state-of-the-art Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology. Our mission is to redefine the recruitment and job search landscape by seamlessly connecting job seekers with roles that perfectly align with their skills, career goals, and cultural fit. Moreover, we empower companies to predict the long-term success of candidates, enhancing hiring outcomes. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Vectara for semantic search, RAG Pipeline, LlamaIndex for advanced data linking, and Together AI for model inference and fine-tuning, we are committed to revolutionizing the job market, fostering efficiency, and satisfaction for both candidates and employers alike. Join us in shaping the future of hiring with Job Makerspace.

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Jay Rodge

LLM Developer Advocate