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Created by team Llermaly on January 10, 2024

The idea is to use AI Vision models to identify specific damage on cars pictures and help building preliminary damage reports saving time to the users knowing instantly the condition of the car against the insurance corporation. Main specs: * Rapid, precise vehicle damage assessments using advanced Gen AI Vision, reducing time and human error. * Lowers operational costs and resolves damage disputes, enhancing customer trust and brand loyalty * Provides actionable analytics for maintenance and operational improvements, scalable for businesses of all sizes. There are many use cases we would like to explore like: * Car Insurance * Car rentals * Used Car Sales * Automotive repair shops * Fleet management * Quality control etc.. Pretty much any corporation that needs to evaluate a car's condition can be a good prospect for DamageDecoder. Thanks for the oportunity!

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"Terrific work! The presentation was polished and hit all the right notes. The product you built is impressive and innovative, and I can see this becoming a business one day."


Hardik Vala


"Really liked the idea, execution, and presentation. This is a very practical application of technology and has real business value. All the best."


Abhinaw Tiwari

AI focussed Software Engineer

"magnificent project, great idea, well crafted presentation and amazing demo. it will hit the market soon with this high business value. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor