Stable Diffusion Hackathon: The first AI art competition summary

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 by Bamboleo
Stable Diffusion Hackathon: The first AI art competition summary

We support the development of the blooming AI industry. We organize AI Hackathons, where we want to connect like-minded people and with support of our mentors assist them in creating working AI based apps. To help the community to grow we also publish reports for everyone to have access to data regarding the potential of AI in tech.

We also want to promote the shift in the creative industry. With Dall-e, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and many other tools we are witnessing the revolution in work of artists and designers on a scale never seen before! first AI art competition

That’s why we organized the First AI art competition, as a part of the Stable Diffusion AI Hackathon!

We received many interesting artworks, created with Midjourney, DALLE-E or Stable Diffusion. We of course, accepted only submission with artworks created with generative AI.

So, we would like to present the winner of the 1st AI art competition:

Julia Shutkevych and the winning work “To live is to love” created with Stable Diffusion Deforum Notebook Google Collab

to live is to love

And check out our talk with Julia:

Short insight into Julia’s generated AI art practice:

Regarding AI creation process I'm using google collab stable diffusion notebooks, upscaling tools, DALLE, Midjourney as well as generative art (Touchdesigner) and code art (Processing, p5.js). I'm inspired by everything I see and experience daily. Taking photos, observing nature and finding textures are endless sources of new ideas for me. Another thing that stimulates my art process is walking and listening to music, it's my way of meditating.

Read more about Julia’s artwork

here and here :

And more about the artist:

Julia Shu/Neometa is a London-based multidisciplinary and multimedia artist, studying MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins, UAL. Julia works with a wide range of digital art techniques including generative art, time-based media and video, animation, AR and creative coding to expand and blend media to transform it into multidimensional installations. She uses photography and automatism as her starting points in the creative process, finding inspiration in unusual angles and perspectives of everyday life and nature.

Julia/Neometa has been exhibited recently at The Cluster Contemporary Art Fair, Paris+ Art Basel: Ukrainian VR Pavilion in the Metaverse, 59th Venice Biennale: MUSA Pavilion, NEARCON 2022, The Hong Kong Heritage Museum, The European Digital Art Fair, Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum and a number of galleries in Kyiv. She has collaborated with a range of artists and musicians, galleries and creative projects, including Dubai Expo 2020, NordArt, M17 Contemporary Art Center, and Modern Art Research Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts. Neometa is represented by Cluster Contemporary London.

Also watch the interview with Julia here.

Also as a part of the prize we would like to show more of her amazing artworks, so enjoy all of them. Follow the amazing art of Julia and join’s next AI Hackathons and look for the upcoming second edition of our AI art competition in early 2023! first AI art competition first AI art competition

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