OpenAI Whisper AI Hackathon summary: the participant’s story, part 2

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 by Bamboleo
OpenAI Whisper AI Hackathon summary: the participant’s story, part 2

🤯 Why AI Hackathons are a life changing experience?

As you may read in our first article dedicated to our participant’s story,’s AI Hackathons are a great place to build amazing models with newest technologies, create innovative solutions to change the market and network with talented people from all over the world! And also to win a unique reward like meeting creators of the Cohere AI tool, which was part of the past AI Hackathons.

And you may also know, is a community which promotes the newest AI based technologies and all the creative talents which already are shaping the future, as AI based technology is already doing it.

So if you’re considering participating in our Stable Diffusion, Cohere, Whisper, Generative AI or other, not yet published, AI based technology Hackathons, don’t take our word for it, but read what our participants want to share!

Neal Sharm, Team Boss, Whisper Hackathon

Thank you for hosting this hackathon! It was a valuable experience designing and developing a product using OpenAI’s speech-to-text API Whisper as well as coordinating with my team from all around the world.

Our project, Butter, built upon the Whisper API to specialize in translating speech for users with stuttering problems. We integrated this as a chatbot in Telegram for our presentation demo to show its potential usability within messaging apps. It was amazing to win third place among

1,700 participants and 100 teams.

The team was very responsive throughout the hackathon with coordinating our progress, providing resources, and directly connecting us directly with Whisper developers, which added clarity to every step in our project and presentation process.

Overall, it was a great experience. I look forward to participating in more of their hackathons!

should every developer know AI nowadays

Nadav Timor, Team Boss, Whisper Hackathon

The group I led in the OpenAI Whisper Hackathon ("The Future of #Speech_Recognition") won 3rd place!🥳

We have developed a state-of-the-art #speech_to_text engine for people who stutter. While creating our proof-of-concept over a weekend, we collaborated with the Israeli Stuttering Association NGO and learned about their needs. We found that adaptations in the AI algorithm (like custom sampling) can make it more inclusive. A Telegram bot we implemented allowed anyone to transcribe voice messages using our facilitating deep learning model.

It was a small reminder for ourselves (and hopefully the AI community) that inclusion is reachable.

Within’s AI Hackathons you will meet a great community of builders, creators and innovators who want, just as you, to shape the future.

So join our AI Hackathons and… change the future!

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