Generative AI: AI Transformers

by Pawel Czech on NOV 17, 2022

AI transformers are rapidly changing the way we build and operate all software. Transformers enable people to build game-changing solutions. These State-of-the-art AI models bring a new wave of human-machine interaction and performance.

What can you create with AI from Stability AI and Cohere AI transformers anyway?

One good example - Learn visually

You can start with any topic in education and generate a list of subtopics and explore them with a #stablediffusion visual image for each. The subtopics are presented in a manageable way, by showing only the most related subtopics at any given time. This naturally leads to exploring associatively like our brains are structured, from broad to deep. Each topic has a handy explanation in the text from Cohere

The performance of the most advanced AI models has drastically improved. Transformers are improving by 280X in the last 24 months! The cost of building large AI models is dropping like a rock at 60% year over year!

Using transformers has been proven to directly impact human productivity at levels much bigger than the agricultural and industrial revolutions. During our lifetime we will experience the biggest shift in humanity's wealth creation and allocation!

The barriers of introduction are low or driven by social resistance. The technology itself has reached the level of maturity allowing instant use. Hardware like computers and phones, of the modern age, are all backwards compatible with AI technology. Therefore, the introduction of AI will not meet hardware resistance. This will have a direct impact on the rate of AI adoption across the planet. Legacy hardware will be pushed out in time like horses by cars.

These trends allow the creation of the AI economy and the rise of the AI Native. The AI Natives are similar to digital natives and they will not know a world without the impact of artificial intelligence.

If you want to create a new tool using the newest AI based technology, join our Hackathons and with help of our mentors create one in 48 hours!

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