AI21 Labs Hackathon: Winner Announcement

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 by Marek
AI21 Labs Hackathon: Winner Announcement

First A21 labs Hackathon is over!

On 24th during the winner announcement stream we learnt more about A21 labs and the opportunities this AI technology provides as selected four teams pitched their amazing projects! But before we dive in into the amazing projects, lets see how many people contributed their time, love for AI and passion for shaping the future:

  • 1912 participants from all over the world!
  • 130 teams created by members of the community from different time zones. Background and skill level!
  • 24 working prototypes submitted!!!!

It means we have potential 24 future startups, which base their future product on A21 lab’s technology and, what we can't stress enough, have a working prototype after 7 days of work! Using their creativity and skills, assistance of’s mentors and all shared tutorials online, like those on our website regarding ChatGPT api or generative AI models!

The results are in!

a robotic cat

The projects that were submitted were evaluated by the judges from and A21 Labs using a wide range of criteria.

Degree of Completion Presentation Style Applicability

Business value Degree of Innovation

Originality Technology

Realistic Capability Impact – How unique it is Overall Impression

The winning team was the one that not only satisfied all the requirements but also provided a thorough and persuasive presentation that was able to capture the judges' attention and persuade them of the significance of the proposal. This team was able to distinguish themselves from the competition by showcasing the possibilities of their concept in an original, novel approach.

The presentation needed to be interesting, approachable, and show enough commercial savvy to persuade the judges that the proposal was feasible. The group had to show that the proposal would have an effect on the sector and could be put into practice in the real world.

In the end, there were also three really interesting other projects to which we want to shout out to, but the winner can be only one, so don’t waste more time and congratulations to…

First place - WebIndexer

a man on the plane

You can always see Rahel’s pitch, but we would like to congratulate him on the amazing idea and even better execution! Especially as he created everything by himself!

“[...] My goal was to create a question answering tool that can be easily integrated into any website. It allows you to find specific information, provides answers in a clear, understandable way and includes sources and more information should the user need it. Presenting Web Indexer. Developed to significantly improve the user experience by providing a service that ChatGPT, Google and standard search bars cannot. [...]”

Finalist - Kitchen Genie

a woman surrounded by ballons

We all know, that there’s a huge food waste worldwide and any apps like toogoodtoogo but they didn’t implement AI to their tech, unlikely to Team Kitchen Genie. Their app focused on a part of the food waste chains - households, and focused on finding solutions to it. Finding a real world problem and coming up with an AI based solution - an amazing approach, which I recommend to every AI Hackathon participant of startup entrepreneur.

“Our application is geared towards helping you reduce your household food waste and at the same time help reduce the worldwide food waste.”

Know more about the project by watching their pitch.

Finalist - MedBrief

robots playing chess

Healthcare is one of the industries which are benefitting the most from the AI revolution, and team MedBrief wants to be one of those who take part in it. They want to make healthcare professionals work easier and allow them to focus on their work, rather than digging through tons of irrelevant content.

“We bring medically aware AI21 studio's MedBrief, which provides a summary of a lengthy patient report and catches significant medical terminology to save review time by 40%. WE also provide specifics like medicines, lifestyle advice and other medical terminologies based on the report.

Finalist - T.E.A

a city of future

There’s a saying: “those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they know” and Team TEA Test English AI believes in it. They created an AI powered tool to help non native english speaking people improve their language skills and speak better English. Maybe in the future T.E.A will promote different languages and outcompete duolingo?

“A web application 'T.E.A' or 'Test English AI' is designed for students and English learners studying for English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge etc and offers personalized reading test preparation with AI-generated texts and various tasks options to them. Say goodbye to same-type texts and drilling essential vocabulary into your head and get acquainted with practical exercises that are aimed at improving your specific skills and expanding your vocabulary.[...]”


sprinting robot

During the first A21 lab’s AI Hackathon hosted by a huge number of the AI community participated and created mesmerizing AI based tools. Generative AI models they used allowed them to create in only 7 days working apps, which already are revolutionary - so what will they show when they found their startup and work for 3 months on it?

Quoting Jason Calacanis, we know, that 2023 will be the year of AI and with you can be part of it. Join our AI Hackathons, join our discord. Join other like-minded people and shape the future.

And one daily advice from the team - don’t sleep on AI revolution, because it is already happening - with or without you.