AI Slingshot: Building the Best AI Startup Hackathon #3 winners

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 by Marek
AI Slingshot: Building the Best AI Startup Hackathon #3 winners

Unleashing Innovation at the AI Startup Hackathon #3

Get ready, tech innovators! The remarkable "AI Startup Hackathon #3" has wrapped up, and it was a whirlwind of innovation! This thrilling week-long event, brought to you by the forward-thinking, has revolutionized the AI startup landscape.

A One-Stop Shop for AI Enthusiasts

Picture a hub for all things AI - that's exactly what this hackathon delivered! With state-of-the-art tech, exclusive tokens, and in-depth tutorials, participants had all they needed to excel. And let's not overlook the priceless guidance from our mentors who supported our global community of creators and innovators throughout the journey!

Catering to All AI Preferences

No matter if you're an AI21 API fan, an AutoGPT API follower, or a ChatGPT API enthusiast, this event had something for everyone. The choice of generative AI model was entirely in the hands of the participants, enabling them to bring their unique AI-based applications to life.

More Than Just Tech: The Role of Mentors

But it wasn't all about the tech - our committed mentors and speakers were instrumental in guiding participants through every challenge, ensuring no one was left behind. Collaboration and camaraderie were the essence of this event, creating an environment where brilliant ideas thrived.

The Unique Opportunity of the AI Startup Hackathon

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Now, let's get to the exciting part: the winners! We're about to announce the victor of the extraordinary "AI Startup Hackathon #3," but first, let's discuss what makes this edition truly special.

Imagine this: you've just spent a week passionately working on a project, and now you're on the verge of turning it into a profitable AI startup! That's exactly the unique opportunity provided by's Slingshot program, which will incubate and accelerate the winning team's product. Talk about a game-changing experience! Only at the Hackathon Artificial Intelligence by!

The Numbers Behind the AI Startup Hackathon

Now, let's look at the numbers: we had an impressive 939 participants from around the world, forming 96 diverse teams based on expertise, backgrounds, and skill levels. And the best part? An incredible 16 working prototypes were submitted!

The Judging Criteria and the Winners

Our respected judges evaluated each project based on criteria like completion, presentation style, applicability, business value, innovation, originality, technology, realistic impact, and overall impression. The competition was intense, but it's finally time to reveal the winner and finalists!

Meet the Future of AI Startups

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So, without further delay, let's meet the pioneers who will redefine the future of AI startups! The best AI startup is… Drumroll

Winner - Atlas

Stealing the spotlight at the AI Startup Hackathon #3 was the winning project, Atlas - a comprehensive wellness coach right in your pocket! This innovative solution, leveraging OpenAI technologies and Langchain, left everyone in awe with its potential to revolutionize personal health and wellness. Can’t wait how this project will evolve into one of the most groundbreaking AI startups!

Winner - Reactonaut

It doesn't happen often that we have two winners in one event, but I already said that “Build your AI Startup #3” was extraordinary! Reactonaut uses OpenAI ChatGPT to build a coding AI assistant to reduce the “language barrier” and make coding accessible to developers with various levels of expertise. You’d better start following this AI startup as for sure they will become big soon!

Finalist - GPTUBE

Securing a spot in the top 4 apps developed during the AI Startup Hackathon #3 was GPTUBE. This innovative tool utilized Reinforcement Learning and OpenAI models to transform YouTube videos into fully optimized SEO blog posts. For sure a potential breakthrough in the AI startup landscape!

Finalist - Hari

Among the standout finalists at the AI Startup Hackathon #3 was Hari, an app built using OpenAI's GPT-3 model. This unique solution serves as an AI companion and a guide to achieving tranquility, quiet joy, serenity, and peace. See our AI app page for more inspiring innovations from the world of AI startups!

Gearing Up for the Next AI Startup Hackathon

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Let's dive into the world of - the driving force behind the revolutionary "AI Startup Hackathon" series! With three incredibly successful editions already, it's only natural that we're preparing for another extraordinary event. While you can currently join AI Aganets Hackathon, The AI app hackathon, and Plug into AI with AI21, stay tuned for the upcoming 4th edition! Pioneering AI Solutions

At its heart, is dedicated to leveraging AI to solve problems and make a real impact on people's lives. This isn't just an app factory - values innovative ideas that challenge the norm and shape the world for the better.

A Look Back at Past Achievements

Take a glimpse into the past to see some amazing AI apps created by our talented participants during previous hackathons. Let their creativity spark your own passion for problem-solving!

Celebrating Every Participant

As we applaud the fantastic achievements of the 939 Hackathon #3 participants, remember that each one of them is a winner. They've acquired invaluable knowledge, connected with like-minded individuals worldwide, and made significant progress in their AI journey.

Are You Ready for the Next Adventure?

So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey?

Join our upcoming Hackathons,

Win amazing prizes,

And change the future!

Written for you by Marek Mardosewicz, senior performance marketing specialist at!

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