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Created by team GPTUBE on May 18, 2023

Introducing GPTUBE: the app that seamlessly converts YouTube videos into SEO blog posts. With GPTUBE, repurposing your video content for a wider audience has never been easier. Utilizing advanced AI technology, GPTUBE transcribes your videos accurately and preserves the original style and tone. The result? Engaging blog posts optimized for search engines. Simply input the YouTube video ID, and GPTUBE does the rest, saving you time and effort. It intelligently organizes the content, suggests keywords, and enhances readability. Customize your posts with formatting options, images, and hyperlinks. Expand your reach, attract new viewers, and drive traffic to your website. GPTUBE revolutionizes content creation, making it effortless and efficient. Download GPTUBE now and unlock the potential of your video content in the form of SEO-rich blog posts.

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"Amazing idea and would lvoe to use it, just don;t understand how it is optimized for SEO. If it provides highest quality content to rank, I will be one of the first users"


Marek Mardosewicz