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An AI enthusiast


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    A ticketing platform

    UX/UI Design

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    Whether you are studying for a big exam, or just want to reinforce your knowledge on a particular subject, our app is the perfect tool for you. We are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals, and we are committed to providing a high-quality and reliable product. Rubric simplifies the process of creating custom quizzes, which can be tailored to the user by allowing them to simply paste their study materials into the app, and it does the rest. We used chat GPT's API with our prompt engineering to transform unstructured data from the user into a form that we can parse using our custom algorithm to produce quizzes that cover whatever material you feed it; so you can focus on what matters most for your exam. We believe that learning should be engaging and fun, which is why we designed our app to be user-friendly and interactive. This is a step up from the available test prep products as it allows you to focus on studying rather than preparing test prep materials.

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    OpenAI Stack Hack

    πŸ—“οΈ This will be a week of hacking and fun from 24 February to 3 March πŸ’» Create innovative new apps with OpenAI's latest AI tools πŸ’‘ Learn from top AI professionals βš’οΈ Combine GPT-3, Codex, Dalle-2, and Whisper to build your AI app πŸ±β€πŸ’» Now is the time to register and let's get started!

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