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    Smarty personal assistant

    Smarty quiets the noise around you so you can work peacefully to get things done. It is a personalized task planner that evaluates the importance and urgency of your tasks, then prioritizes and batches them rigorously so you can focus on accomplishing what matters the most.

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    Distill AI Meeting Assistant

    Distiller condenses information shared during meetings into bit-sized summaries and provides inspirations and actionable plans to drive projects forward productively. It transcribes long discussions into searchable transcript, summarizes content into easily consumable forms, provide action items and follow-up questions to push the project forward, and generate metaphors and images to promote more brainstorming.

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    Podcasts are an excellent source of knowledge. But they can be too long and hard to pay attention to it the entire time. What if there is a more intuitive way to search for podcasts and also for info within podcasts? This is where our product comes into play. Key highlights 1. Searching for podcasts suited to your taste 2. Searching for answers within a podcast itself by asking it queries and without listening 3. Marking exactly where the answer is and summarising it. 4. Telling user what queries this podcast answers Major Uplifts: 1. Generating queries for dialogues in transcript using the prompt - "Generate 5 questions for the following passage {passage}" 2. Training a classifier using cohere api using the generated queries and dialogues 3. Highly scalable architecture 4. Podcast is just an example. Most documentation (python libraries, eth doc) have only keyword search. It is possible to scrape the documentation and build an index for a search engine using our architecture easily.

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    Generative AI Hackathon

    🗓️ This will be a 48-Hour Virtual Hackathon from 2 - 4 December 💻 Technology: You will build applications with generative AI supplied by Cohere ✔️ Level: All levels are welcome 😊 For whom?: Builders, creators & innovators! 💲 The Event is totally free! 🏆 $2000 cash prize pool!

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    OpenAI Whisper, GPT3, Codex & DALL-E 2 Hackathon

    🗓️ This will be a 7-days of hacking and fun from 9-16 December 💻 Build with the latest AI tools from OpenAI to create innovative new apps 💡 Work with top AI professionals and learn from them ⚒️ Create your AI app by combining GPT-3, Codex, Dalle-2, and Whisper 🐱‍💻 Register now and let's get started!

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    Semantic Search AI Hackathon

    🗓️ This will be a 7-day virtual hackathon from 16-23 December 💻 Build AI application with the latest large language model-powered technology by Cohere 💡 Get the chance to work with the best AI professionals in the industry and learn from them ✔️Entry level = 0. You’ve just started with AI? Are you an experienced Data Scientist? Or maybe you are a Designer or Business Developer? Join us! We need your domain knowledge! 🐱‍💻 Register now and let's get started! It’s free!

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